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Samsung Teases Rollable, Foldable, & Slideable OLED Displays For Phones, Tablets, & Even Laptops

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Samsung has been hinting at a future full of rollable, foldable, and slideable OLED displays as part of its ‘OLED Era’ for quite a while. But a new site for Samsung Display now indicates that the company has gotten more overt than ever with its teasers.

The micro-site has seemingly been set up with the sole purpose of showcasing the company’s bleeding-edge display tech. Within it, the ‘Flex OLED’ page suggests that Samsung may soon be diverging into a greater variety of displays, offering a number of aspect ratios and folding in a variety of different ways.

The company’s current portfolio only includes its Galaxy Z Fold and Flip devices but it might soon be expanded. Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass tech has been highlighted with improved durability, withstanding 100 folds a day or over five years of constant use. UTG has even been claimed to match the hardness of real glass, although that remains to be seen.

The Korean company has even achieved a remarkably tiny bending radius of just 1.4mm, which should provide a tinier crease and result in slimmer devices.

But perhaps the most intriguing bits are the posters that seem to show laptops+tablets with foldable displays and TVs with rollable displays that roll just like paper. Of course, these are obviously still under their early stages, but a future where tech like this is mainstream is now closer than ever.

The site also offers a glimpse at Flex Bar – a display type not unlike the one found on the Z Flip3, as well as Flex Square (a Z Fold-style panel). Flex Note has been showcased as well – a new trademark that might be Samsung’s new way of describing tech found on devices like the ThinkPad X1 Fold.

All in all, Samsung’s vision is a huge step in the right direction. Many had already begun to deem phones as having reached an evolutionary peak, but it’s quite clear now that there’s plenty more to come.


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