Samsung Launches New Monitor With A Pop Up Webcam For Remote Workers And Students


Samsung Electronics has just launched a new product that is targeted towards those working remotely and for students that are taking online education. The device in question is a new monitor that features a webcam housed in a pop up mechanism.

The South Korean tech giant has just announced the 24 inch Webcam Monitor S4 earlier today (14th September 2021). It is designed to suit ‘hybrid workers’ and arrives with support for a built in webcam, speakers, and microphone to improve professionals and students working/studying from home.

Mark Quiroz, Vice President of Marketing for the Display Division at Samsung stated that “With many adjusting to long-term hybrid work and learning environments, Samsung introduces its first webcam monitor to make life easier for those often on video calls or multitasking.”

He further added that “Thanks to the webcam at the top of the screen, users can join a video conference, take an online class or attend a virtual event all from the same monitor, without needing to buy another device or manage more cables.”

Samsung Launches New Monitor With A Pop Up Webcam For Remote Workers And Students 1

On the front, the monitor sports a 2 megapixel FHD camera and an infrared camera (which is ‘Windows Hello’ certified) that is housed on a pop up camera. To bring the camera module up, users have to simply push it down into the monitor to have it spring up.

The Monitor’s camera offers 178 degree horizontal and vertical wide viewing angle, with the built in webcam and speakers saving port space as well. When connected to a laptop, the monitor can also act as a USB hub.

Notably, the Webcam Monitor S4 is designed with VESA compatibility and its Height Adjustable Stand (HAS) can also be tilted, swivel, and pivot. Other notable features include TUV Rheinland certification for flicker free and low blue light and built-in 2W dual stereo speaker.

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