Samsung BRS Will Enable Thinner Bezels On Phones And Tablets


The display bezel (bottom) on the Galaxy S21+ is currently the thinnest on any Samsung mobile device. The company wants to release devices with an even thinner bezel than that. According to the latest information, the South Korean tech giant is reportedly developing a technology to achieve this.

According to a user called lanzuk (yeux1122) on Naver (via @FrontTron), Samsung is working on a tech called BRS (Border Reduction Structure). This solution will help in reducing display bezels.

The person says that BRS will be first introduced with Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. It will later debut on smartphones with higher screen-to-body ratios. 

Samsung BRS Will Enable Thinner Bezels On Phones And Tablets 1

BRS is expected to make its way to phones in late 2022 at the earliest or by early 2023. This means we are still more than a year away to experience it on handsets.

However, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablet is rumored to go official in early 2022. Hence, we can have a glimpse of this tech in a few months from now.

Additionally, we can also speculate the smartphones with BRS display tech to arrive with UDC (Under Display Camera).

Although only flagship models are said to come with BRS, eventually it will likely trickle down to mid-range models as the solution will get cheaper to implement.

What are your thoughts on Samsung’s BRS (Border Reduction Struction) technology? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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