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Lei Jun Withdraws From Director Roles At Various Xiaomi Backed Firms

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Lei Jun, the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, has successfully withdrawn from a number of the company’s units and even certain firms that are backed by the Chinese tech giant.

According to a PanDaily report, the industrial and commercial registration information regarding Chengdu Beida Asset Management Co recently made two notable updates, one of which revealed that Lei Jun has withdrawn from the company’s Executive Director position.

For those unaware, Chengdu Beida Asset Management is owned by Tianxing Digital Technology, which runs a mobile payment platform that is owned by the smartphone maker.

Previously, the senior official of the Chinese tech giant had also withdrawn from his position of Chairman of Xiaomi Credit Management Co. Ltd. and the Director position of Shanghai Xiaomi Financial Information Service as well. Back in July, Lei Jun even withdrew from the position of Executive Director of Chongqing Xiaomi Commercial Factoring Co. Ltd.

As of right now, the executive is still the Executive Director, Chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi, which focuses on smartphones, smart TVs, and other smart household products and ecosystems as well. His responsibilities includes strategy making, corporate culture building and key products development, along with supervising the senior management team.

Despite leaving a number of firms backed by the company, he is still the director at various other subsidiaries, merged affiliated firms, and other entities backed by Xiaomi.


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