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China’s Hozon Auto Unveils The Neta V Pro EV With Smart Security From Qihoo 360

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Budding Chinese automaker Hozon Auto has released the Neta V Pro electric vehicle in partnership with renowned software security firm Qihoo 360. In a press conference heralding the release of the new product, Qihoo 360 CEO, Zhou Hongyi says the car is the world’s first smart car to offer security via Qihoo’s proprietary automatic security guarding technology.

The Neta V Pro enjoys significant improvements in its intelligence, security, power, and services features, although the most significant improvements are in the intelligence system of the model.

The Hozon Neta V Pro has an L2 intelligent assisted driving system that can be upgraded to higher versions. The car also has lots of high-impact chips, high-performance sensing devices operating in real-time. The new vehicle is capable of getting a real-time map of its surroundings and road conditions in all directions, hence assuring greater safety in its operations.

China’s Hozon Auto Unveils The Neta V Pro EV With Smart Security From Qihoo 360 1

Two versions of the Hozon Neta V Pro were announced. The Long Range Entertainment is priced at 76,900 yuan ($12,027) while the higher Long-Range Luxury model has an 80,900 yuan ($12,653) price tag. The two models enjoy some subsidies that yielded the official price, thus the pricing may be much higher than the stated amount.

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The Qihoo 360 security technology will help across three core functions of the vehicle namely cleaning system cache, privacy protection, and greater security of apps on the vehicle’s user’s smartphone. The recent huge investment outlay by Qihoo 360 Technology in Hozon Auto resulted in Qihoo becoming the major shareholder of the company.

Hozon Auto has continued to enjoy rising sales numbers across several models, and the new models will further show its presence in the Chinese market. The new vehicles will enjoy the full complement of Qihoo’s security and connected ecosystem for a safer and exciting driving experience.

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